What Value Do You Put on Being Organized?

Today's world appears to function as such a crazy, fast pace. It is very easy to lose track of time and things. Just as a little snow ball rolling down Mt. Everest, it gradually builds and builds, and builds into this monstrosity of a beast barreling down the slope out of control.

Absence of organization in your home or office begins very small. Maybe it's just setting down the mail on the counter as you walk in the door. Maybe you go change your clothes, start watching TV, or check on your 257 Facebook friends while the mail pile waits. You can also visit https://www.theorganizingagency.com/ to hire professionals to help packing for a move.

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Then you get hungry, make some dinner, get the children to work on homework, check on Facebook again and get ready for bed. Waking up in the morning you rush to get everybody out the door on time, grab your keys nearly knocking all of the mail on the floor (geez that would have been a mess) and dash out to your car.

After a day at work, you closely get hit by a teenager swerving while texting, you make it safely home. Grab the mail and as you walk into your home… well, mine as well set it on the counter with the other mail. You'll get to it later. BAM! Your little organizing snow ball has just begun.