Web Analytics As Measuring Tool

Web Analytics provides a mechanism to objectively measure the results of your search engine marketing efforts – no bias, just facts. When Search Engine Marketing is used in conjunction with Web Analytics, you have created an effective online marketing strategy.

Web Analytics is a tool that is used to collect data on the behavior of website users. It is the process of analyzing the activity of people accessing a website, such as how they found the site, when they visited, what pages they viewed, what they bought or downloaded, where they exited, and so on.

That information can then be used to help website administrators improve the effectiveness of their websites.

Benefits of Web Analytics

Below are just some of the benefits of Web analytics:

Track and report a site’s visibility (see where visitors are coming from, know the search terms they are using to find your site, etc.)
Allow you to determine if visitors are arriving to your site from “pay per click” campaigns or organic results as a direct result of a fully optimized website.
Determine visitor loyalty (identify returning visitors and see which products or services are the most popular with specific visitors, etc.).
You have often heard that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” To truly manage your website and make it an effective marketing tool, you really must employ some type of web analytics and consistently review it and tweak your website based on the results of the analytics. Only after doing this for a consistent period of time will your we you see improved results.

About the Author: Todd Jungling is an Internet Marketing expert located in metro Detroit, Michigan. In addition to providing cutting-edge web design and website development solutions, he also specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), pay per click campaign management, email marketing, blogging, web analytics and social media optimization.