Tough Math Problems

If your head starts feeling heavy at the mention of equations and calculators, then welcome to the club. You are also suffering from something that can be termed as math phobia. As we grow up, our math books become thicker and tougher. Soon, we are inflicted by what is known as the math phobia. Just the look of those books, equations and calculators makes our head spin. This is the case with most students who fared well in exams in the lower classed, but as they enter high school, grades go low due to poor performance in math paper.

One of the biggest problems of the high school kids is that, the classroom usually consists of too many students seeking the attention of the teacher. Hence, it is not possible for the teacher to pay attention to each and every student. The intelligent ones understand the concepts super fast, but what about those who are average in studies or need some extra help? They are the ones left behind, and are usually embarrassed to ask a question in class, fearing they will become a butt of ridicule.

Hence, most of us suffer from the irrational fear of numbers, equations, right angles and the whole mystery of a subject that is known as mathematics. Here we will discuss about some of the toughest math problems in the world.

There are actually two such math problems that have received a lot of attention and recognition because they remained unsolved for many years. They are Riemann’s Hypothesis and Fermat’s Theorem. While the Riemann’s Hypothesis still remains unsolved after so many years, the Fermat’s theorem is one of the toughest math problems in the world, which was solved only in 1995. So, let’s discuss them in brief:

Riemann’s Hypothesis was proposed by Bernhard Riemann in 1859. It was known all over the world as the toughest math problem. Fermat’s Theorem was the other one put forward in 1637 by Pierre de Fermat. After several mathematicians trying to prove this tough theorem, it was finally solved 300 years later in 1995.

Thankfully, you don’t have to bother about learning Riemann’s Hypothesis or Fermat’s Theorem that kept mathematicians puzzled through so many years. But, even these toughest math problems were solved with determination. So, wouldn’t you like to put a little effort in understanding the mathematical theories that are much easier than the ones that kept mathematicians working hard at solving them for years? So, don’t fear the subject. Instead, take it as a challenge and overcome the math phobia.