Tips On Choosing The Colours For Your Wedding

5 Useful Tips on Selecting

the Right Wedding Color Scheme

Selecting the right colors for your wedding is quite important since right colors can easily jazz-up the atmosphere while wrong colors can turn out to be quite distracting. As such, in the following sections we will look into some of the things you can do to select the right colors for your special day.

Tips of Selecting the Right Wedding Colors

Color Palette – Scale – Number of Colors – Patterns – Choice of Colors

Color Palette at the Venue

wedding banquet hallsMost likely you will have a clear idea about the wedding colors you want to use. However, you will have to consider the colors already present at the venue. As for instance in case walls at the banquet hall are brown then if you select your primary color to be blue then it will look completely out of place. Similarly, if there are red curtains at the venue then a clash will be inevitable if orange color scheme is selected. In case color you have in mind is more important for you then you will have to look for wedding banquet halls with neutral colors so that you can use any color you want.

Consider Scale

Before selecting any color and location where it will be used, you will have to consider the items size and whether it will look good in that color. As for example, if there are long tables and you want to cover them in table cloths which are deep red then it will look completely out of place. A better solution would be having a floral design with selective pops of your favorite deep red to create that dramatic effect.

Too Many Colors

It might be very tempting for you to use all the exciting wedding colors in your venue and in wedding design. Such overuse of colors could be quite overwhelming to eyes. A better option would be to select one or two primary colors and use several shades of those two colors. Ideally, you should have a neutral color (such as white or beige) work as base and have another color along with its shades used for your wedding.

Mixing Patterns

Inappropriate use of patterns can easily make the wedding as well as the venue look busy. To avoid such problem what you need to do is mix a maximum of one or two patterns and also keep size in mind. As for instance, you need to balance small prints with larger ones as well as mix textures (like pairing lace with satins or cashmere with burlap).

Choice of Colors

You need to select colors for your wedding with proper thought to get everything right. As for example, if you decide to have a wedding with full-on neon color scheme then it can be quite difficult to find flowers which will match such color scheme. A better option would be to choose a color scheme which consists of natural hues to ensure that flowers and decor do not clash.

A Final Note

To conclude we can say that you need to consider the color scheme present at wedding banquet halls at the time of deciding about colors for your wedding so that instead of clashing with each other, they complement one another.