The Best Dwarf Hamster Supplies

You’ve decided to purchase a Dwarf Hamster, or two. Like with all pets, Dwarf Hamsters need their own supplies for them to live a good and happy life. You can replicate their natural habitat by providing the proper accessories and materials. Keep readning to discover the best dwarf hamster supplies you should get for your pet hamster.

Start off by buying a secure, well-ventilated, and escape proof house. An enclosure such as a cage, aquarium tank, or plastic tank will do. Note that these pets are small and a wrong kind of enclosure would let them escape. Small as they are, make sure that they won’t be able to escape through the gaps around the cage. Consider the size of the house you will provide for the number of Dwarf Hamsters you will have. They will be more comfortable if they have enough space to move around.

Hamsters are burrowers in their natural habitat. Provide substrate bedding for your Dwarf Hamsters such as aspen, wood shavings or softwood. NEVER use cedar or pine as this may cause respiratory problems to your tiny pets. Fill the bottom with one to two inches of substrate material. Creating a small mound or a slightly higher fill on a certain part will allow them to have an area to burrow.

Like their Syrian counterparts, Dwarf Hamsters are naturally active and playful creatures. Provide tubular habitats that you can put inside their house. Again, purchase the small ones built for mice or for Dwarf Hamsters. Also provide a wheel or a ball and hamtrac for them to play with. It has been studied that they can run miles and miles on the wheel.