Pros and Cons of Freelance Web Design

Every profession, every kind of work has its advantages and disadvantages.  What is important is to make sure that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages before you jump into any job. Being a freelancer is great but it has both advantages and disadvantages attached to it:

Advantages of Being a Freelance Web Designer

  • The most popular reason for being a freelancer is you can work whenever you want to. There is no time restriction.
  • You can work from wherever you want to. You can stay home, even if you are out of your station you can work from there as well. Anywhere you have internet access becomes an office for you.

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  • The best thing is that you are your own boss. Your only boss is your client.
  • You get a chance to learn more things and you don’t have to ask your boss first to join any class and the best part is you can take time out easily.
  • There is no dress code.
  • You save a lot in terms of expenses. For example, website designers in Sydney have to make a lot of investment in having their own office building.

Disadvantages of Being a Freelance Web Designer

  • There is no financial stability in the freelance industry.
  • You have to keep looking for clients.
  • You have to standout in the market.  Apart from web designing you need to be good at marketing and communication as well.
  • Working alone can get boring at times.

Like every other job it has its pros and cons. In case of freelancers it the freedom that comes with a cost.