Lets Try a Free Outstanding Breastfeeding Class in New York City

There are few medical institutions in NYC that offer to breastfeed educational class for expectant mommies. I believe it is not easy stuff when you want to take a class. It has many considerations, how its quality, how it works, how the effect to you and your baby. Riverside Medical Group has a breastfeeding class that won’t feel dissatisfied. In contrast, we will provide you information about breastfeeding things, and give some benefits of them. Below is more description about our breastfeeding class. physical therapy program

1.    Who is a participant? When should you attend?

The breastfeeding class is for expectant mommies and other mothers to be. We only provide for each reservation get one seat for the class. It would be better that you come in this class when your pregnancy is in 32 – 34 weeks. It is a perfect time to come in this class.

2.    What are the facilities? physiotherapist

The facilities will cover some tips and information about breastfeeding. So, here are they;

a.    Advantages of breastfeeding to you and your lovely baby

b.    Ways of preventing nipple damage

c.    Ways to know when your baby has had enough breast milk

d.    Educations around breastfeeding

e.    Frequent question answer activity about breastfeeding, and for more info click

3.    How much should you pay?

A good news is this class is free of charge to all of you. Riverside Medical Group gives free for a one-day class to all expectant mothers. We also will provide lunch and dinner for the participant. We suggest you to make a reservation as soon as possible because this class is limited.

4.    How do we make a reservation?

For the reservation, you can fill the form here, or over the phone at 201-552-2333. For any questions, please send us email prenatalclasses@riversidepeds.com . Please contact us if you have any cancellation  

Let’s have good breast milk by joining our class!