Importance of a Surfboards

There are many types of short boards. The thruster is a surfboard with three fins and is what most short boarders surf as it is the norm. The thruster has a fin in the center in back and fins on each side up the rails. The retro fish would be a twin fin surfboard with dimensions wider and shorter than a short board for the same surfer. Fish are really good in smaller conditions.

 The quad would be a 4 fin surfboard with 2 fins on each side of the board. The step-up is a surfboard that is usually surfed in bigger conditions when the waves have more power and the mini gun is for even bigger surf conditions. The step-up and mini guns are thruster style surfboards as well but are larger in length for better float and paddle power.

The most important piece of equipment when learning how to surf is the surfboard. Thanks to modern technology, the different types of surfboards available today are endless. Even though there are so many surfboards to choose from, the 3 main shapes of surfboards are short boards, long boards, and fun shape boards. The size and shape of a surfboard will make a significant difference in the maneuverability and performance of that particular board. We’ll cover each shape in detail, but not to overwhelm you, and suggest which one we feel is best for the beginner.