How to Plan a Vegetable Garden

You may have been considering how to plan a vegetable garden, if you wish fresh vegetables this year. You do not have to limited yourself to the expected straight orderly rows. There are various options available. You can reveal your creativity and build a container or raised bed garden. You could even make a more formal flower type bed and fill it with plant life which produces vegetables as an alternative to flowers.

There are a number of people who have began mixing flowers and vegetables in their gardens. One motive is that many flower blossoms are fairly tasty. Another advantage of combining vegetables and flowers in your garden is that it is beneficial for your soil. Plants each have different nutrient requires and get them from the soil. By switching the plants that you put into the ground the balance of your soil is maintained from one growing season to the next.

Tidy rows are the initial step in the long-established conservative vegetable garden. A particular vegetable is dedicated to each row. A north to south orientation, when probable, is generally recommended. This makes it easier to reach the weeds in the rows and incline to the plants other requirements. For larger vegetable gardens you may want to add walkways so that you do not step on plants tending to the garden. Remember to plant your rows across a slope to keep the seeds from being washed away. It also aids the root growth.