Hair Regrowth Supplements – Which Are Best?

Scalp Med – I actually found out about Scalp Med after viewing its infomercial on television. Though it seemed kind of sketchy, I did a bit of research onto it online and users were actually offering excellent reviews about their experiences with the product. You can also use aviva hair products for hair regrowth.

It’s a three-part package which includes a cortex enlarged to provide nice hair fullness, Vitdail 5A for hair loss prevention and growth stimulation, and Nutrisol-RM gives the body essential amino acids, herbal and natural vitamins for healthy hair.

Procerin – That is an herbal DHT blocker that uses both a topical gel and supplement form. It uses these to avoid the DHT in your scalp from attaching to the receptors of your hair roots. This is absolutely important in dealing with your hair thinning since when DHT reaches your hair roots, they get started to shrink and stop growing.

From individual responses that I've find out about Procerin, most were contented with the results these were observing. However, many people converted from Procerin to some other product called Provillus.

My Pick – Provillus – Many of the earlier Procerin users turned to Provillus. I had been pretty curious as to the reasoning behind this. I investigated Provillus and it appeared as if both were pretty identical in their substances. They included the same types of herbal products, vitamins, and mineral in their tablets and topical gels.