Gold Coast to Byron Bay, a Journey to Remember

Gold Coast, the sixth-largest metropolitan in Australia, and the second-largest in Queensland, is a city of shorelines ornamented with skyscrapers. It is a very popular tourist destination since it has a perfect combination of modern yet relaxed lifestyle with exquisite beaches. Another popular destination close to Gold Coast is the beachside town, Byron Bay. It is mostly popular for several beautiful beaches, surfing and whale watching. Byron Bay is very famous for snorkelling and scuba diving since tropical and temperate waters unify here. This seaside heaven is the easternmost township of Australia fringed with splendid coastlines and tranquil, azure water of the Pacific Ocean.

Courtesy: Wikitravel

If you want to experience the spectacular beaches, great surfing, scuba diving or just want to enjoy the serenity of the beaches over a hot cuppa, take a bus from Gold Coast to Byron Bay and rejoice in the relaxed ambiance. Byron Bay is well connected to Gold Coast and regular bus service is accessible straight from the airport, which takes around 50-60 minutes to reach.

Following are some reasons why you should avail bus service:

1. Door-to-door pickups are offered by the shuttle bus service to and fro in between Gold Coast and Byron Bay.

2. The fare is reasonable enough when compared to car hiring charges.

3. Fast bus service of up to 5 times per day for all 7 days in a week, connecting Gold Coast with Byron Bay.

4. They also offer special group discount for a group consisting of minimum 6 people.

So, take a break, enjoy a picturesque drive down the shoreline to the popular Byron Bay.