Are You a Natural Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur naturally appears for new connections, different ways to do something, and is always walking to the beat of their own personal drummer. Some entrepreneurs go into business on their own. And others don't. Now there is more to being in business for yourself than the idea. YOU would be the major factor in creating your own online business. What qualities of the natural entrepreneur like Paul Bola do you need in order to create a viable internet business?

The Natural Business owner is Passionate

The complete point of being in business for yourself is usually to be able to follow your passion, wherever it leads you – to take your dreams and bring them into reality. Thus don't choose a thought because it might make you money, choose it because you need to do it, you NEED to do it, and you would like to make a difference the lives of the people you will serve.

The Organic Entrepreneur is Flexible

Businessperson Magazine says 2010 will be the year of the entrepreneur because unlike a huge company we are fluid and flexible and can respond quickly. Happen to be you flexible? Is it possible to change directions easily? I sometimes get going so completely in one direction that to show me is like stopping a freight coach. I could handle that better if I would periodically stop and question my direction along the way to see how things are working. Basically still want to go in that direction – great. If it needs tweaking – tweak. In the event it must be left behind have the courage to drop it.