24: Where Has Mary Lynn Rajskub Been All This While?

It’s finally out, folks!

Mary Lynn Rajskub, who played the role of CTU Systems analyst, Chloe O’Brian on 24 TV Show, has finally disclosed what she has been up to, in the past few months and what she will be up to, in the days to come!

Netizens were scouring the web jungle to download Mary’s sizzling pics and to find any piece of information on her whereabouts, but to everyone’s dismay, she likes to play her cards, close to her chest.

But finally, she has come up with some good news for her fans, scattered all over the globe.

So, the good news is that she will be going back to her comedy roots once again, to follow what she is best at.

She recently disclosed that she has been aggressively engaged in multiple projects, one of which is a sitcom with CBS, named ‘How to be a Gentleman’.

Any guesses as to who will be playing the role of her better half?

Oh common guys, leave Charlie sheen alone for some time!

I need some serious replies.


No guesses?

Ok, let me reveal the suspense.

The man is Rhys Darby, the famous actor and standup comedian. You know what this means, right?

This means that there will be a laughter riot, when both the actors will compete against each other, to catch the audience’s attention.

Folks, stop grinning and read further to know more about the funny lady. The other project, that she will be gracing, will be a talk show.

WOW! Now, that’s awesome!

The talented actress didn’t forget to add that she would surely return to drama, but firstly, she has to attend to the call of comedy, which is her first love.

Those, who don’t know, need to pay heed now.

She started her career in comedy, before opting for the thrilling television series 24, which made her a household name. You may watch 24 online free, to cherish her incredible performance.